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Tori Consentino is Writing her Own Future with CalWORKs DeAnza College

Foothill College CalWORKs Program

I am a strong believer that we are all taught lessons in our past that help us form our future. Life is about constantly learning and growing and the key to success is to learn from your past and use it to create a successful future. In my own personal life I like to count everything as a lesson to set me up for a choice in the future. I chose to learn from my life events, including mistakes, to continue growing as a person.

Continuing my education was the best way for me to continue to grow into the person that I want to become to provide to my family.


One of the biggest life experiences that has shaped who I am now was becoming a mother to my beautiful son, Micah.  Before my son gifted me with his presence, I was married, graduating from college, with a mission to join the police academy and work towards being a detective. When I discovered my passion for helping victims of crimes I knew where to focus my life. Finding out I was pregnant with our first child changed all of that for me. My drive to help victims never went away, but I had to channel it to a different, safer career.  Three-and-a half years later,  here we are with me happily divorced, starting a new college program  for my new goals of working as an HR specialist in the tech industry with the best motivator in the world, my son. I am a single mother who is a CalWORKs student on cash aid because I don’t have the support of my family financially and I am supporting my son on my own.

CalWORKs has been such a blessing for me and my family. I would not be able to be where I am without the CalWORKs program.

With the incredible challenge of being a full time student, CalWORKs has been an amazing resource to help me become the mother my son can be proud of. I am on track to graduate from Palo Alto University in June of 2017 with my Bachelor Degree in Business Psychology. My degree will give me the building blocks that I need in the industry to succeed and provide for my family. I have recently been accepted by a small business as an intern and that will allow me to get real-world hands-on experience in the business world outside of classes.

My goals wouldn’t have been achieved without the CalWORKs Program and the amazing assistance that the teams at DeAnza and Foothill provided to me.

I am forever grateful for the help and resources.

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