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Jessica Garcia is Holding Hands with Canada College CalWORKs

Canada College CalWORKs Program

At the age five I was dressing up my Barbie dolls with toilet paper and aluminum foil. At the age eight I used to cut up my clothes and hand-sew dresses for my dolls. By age ten my mind was made up: I wanted to become a fashion designer.

Doubts of being successful crossed my mind at age 17. Nothing but negative thoughts ran through my head, the comment, “You are not going to be successful, you just ruined your entire life!” was imprinted in my head due to the fact that comment was always thrown at me.

November 16, 2012 two new lives where born, my daughter’s and mine. I was a child who had a child, so they say. But really I was a child who then quickly grew into an adult. I graduated high school and took a year off to raise and bond with my child. I enrolled in college in 2012 and have been there ever since.

Being a mother, a full time student, and working part time is not easy. It’s stressful, difficult, mentally draining, tense, tiring and much more. Even though it’s painful to go through, the outcome will be all worth it in the end. I can say I am doing this for my family, but then I would be lying. I’m doing this for myself. Because if I don’t accomplish the goals I had set for myself I would be disappointed at myself. My motivation comes within me and my happiness comes from my daughter. I only have two semesters left until I receive my Associate Degree in Fashion in Fail 2016, and I plan to transfer to San Francisco State University to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Fashion.
I am proud of myself for sticking through college and not giving up. I cannot give myself all the credit, because without the help that I receive from the CalWORKs program my life wouldn’t be as “simple” as it is right now.

I know what I want to be, I’ve done my research on how to get there, but most of my resources come from the CalWORKs Program. I am blessed with the help that I receive from them. If I wasn’t a participant of this program I would be working 10 times more than I am right now.

Most people had told me that no one would hold my hand through my struggles in life, but that is a lie. This program is a guidance to my success and has provided a community where I belong to.

Moreover, this program has provided a community where I belong to. Due to the support that I have received from the CalWORKs program I am now more confident in graduating a college. I no longer have concerns in surviving college. My plan has always been to succeed and not give up, but the steps for me getting there were not analyzed in the way they should be. So therefore, my only step in between my goals from not giving up to being successful is taking it slow. Day by Day, breath by breath, I will not overwhelm myself.

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