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CalWORKs Parents Steven and Sarah Rafferty Thought They Only Had Each Other, Until They Met Mr. Wiley, Antelope Valley College CalWORKs Director

Antelope Valley College CalWORKs Program

When Steven was let go in May 2014 we lost our home, our security and stability. The only thing left was each other. We didn’t know there was good in the world anymore. We decided it was time to go back to college and have never been so scared. This was the first time we’d been on any government assistance and it’s intimidating.

The future had been really bleak until we found CalWORKs and the people connected to it.


¬†Mr. Timothy Wiley and CalWORKs at Antelope Valley College have been the reason for our success.¬†We’ve never encountered a more supportive group of people in our entire lives. We’ve never felt empowered as we are now because of Mr. Wiley and the CalWORKs team. The amount of care goes above and beyond. Through them our self-esteem has begun to heal. Through their Counseling Department we’ve not only been able to look toward the future, but also to attain it. We can see the light at the end of our tunnel.

We not only have been guided to great careers so we’ll never have to relive this again, but we’ve also gained a renewed sense of self-sufficiency.

We look forward to being successful again, not because it was something that was handed to us, but our careers are something CalWORKs helped us obtain. Without the positive experiences we have had with the CalWORKs staff at Antelope Valley College I don’t think we would be where we are today. Now we’re currently working at Antelope Valley College as student workers. Steven’s working for Maintenance and Operations as he completes his Engineering degree and Sarah is working at the Child Development Center as an Assistant Teacher. Both of these careers we never dreamed we could be in, but here we are accepting the challenge.

*Excerpted in from the CalWORKs Association 2017 Portraits of Student Success

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