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CalWORKs Education Helped Stephanie Big-Eagle Decide to Change Her Life at Sac City College

Sacramento City College CalWORKs Program

A little over a year ago, I took a deep look at what I had become: a single thirty-three year old mother with five children, little formal education, and not much else to look forward to in a career other than pointless, dead-end jobs.

I had enough life experience to know what motivated me – to become an example for my children and to make our world a better and healthier place for the next seven generations to come

With that poignant understanding, I made the choice to come back to school.  First, I attained an honors GED fourteen years after dropping out of high school.  Then I enrolled at Sacramento City College to pursue an associate’s degree in Biology. I now plan to earn an associate’s degree in biology and a certificate in field ecology at the same time. After completion of this goal, I plan to transfer to the University of Hawaii at Hilo to pursue a master’s in applied indigenous knowledge and a bachelor’s in biology.  My goal is to continue to build my organization, One Oyate, One Nation, by building myself, so that one day it can serve its ultimate purpose: to develop sustainable communities on an international level with a focus in preserving native ecosystems, biodiversity, and indigenous culture and knowledge.

I believe that my goal will be attained before I know it, especially with my track record so far, which includes a perfect 4.0 GPA, and as I continue to offer myself as a strong presence in the community as a tutor to my peers and as a Native American cultural perform, speaker, and leader on an international level. I have even been awarded two scholarships thus far by the Sacramento City College Foundation.

Yet, although I can proudly claim these feats as mine, I do not know how I could have gone as far as I have without the help of the CalWORKs Program at Sacramento City College.

This program has supported me tremendously by helping to ensure that my books, childcare, and even supplies are paid for.  The staff has offered valuable counseling, advocacy services, and even holiday and end-of-the year gatherings which relieve stress and build our confidence as a community. For their support I am deeply grateful and would recommend that any struggling parent who desires a better life for themselves and their family must give it a go.  One may never know how much support is there for them without reaching out, and thus, they may never know the feeling of fulfilling one’s greatest potential.

I look forward to my future with excitement, and will stay on this path by remaining dedicated, focused, inspired, and committed to the future of my children, a better community, and the accomplishment of my visions.

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