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Jovana Rojas Enriquez became an RN through CalWORKs

"I still remember receiving my acceptance letter to the nursing program. Instead of being happy,  I became terrified of my future."

I had a one-year-old boy grasping at my leg, I was getting ready to deliver my baby girl in a month, and I had two years of nursing school ahead of me. My husband looked at me and told me we will figure this out. “You just worry about school,” he said, but it was easier said than done. I decided to go to the County office and see if there was any assistance they could give us.

I remember bursting into tears and finally feeling some release when I realized I was going to be able to go to school and complete my RN degree with the help of the CalWORKs Program.

It was a struggle: the sleepless nights, the intensity of the program, the long commute from Sacramento to San Francisco every day, the breastfeeding infant and growing toddler. I doubted my resiliency on a daily basis. But one of the things that kept me going was the financial and educational support of the San Francisco City College CalWORKs Program. I knew that as long as I kept pushing towards my goals, my children and I would be supported by my college’s CalWORKs Program.

Today, I am an RN graduate from City College of San Francisco.

I am ready to hit the workforce running and currently apply to graduate programs to further my education and complete my dream of becoming an nurse practitioner. I still look back at the first day I opened my acceptance letter and tear up, thinking that all of this was possible because of the support I received from the City College of San Francisco CalWORKs Program and its staff. I proudly wore the CalWORKs stole with honor the day I graduated.

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