2021 Voices Winner!

William Johnson is a Man of CalWORKs

December 2015 was the month that changed my life. I was standing in front of the judge nervous, afraid and lost for words. The ruling came in and the judge called court to order. The words I heard in December 2015 caused me to take full responsibility for my daughter and make the decision to further my education.

“Mr. Johnson you are the father.”

Being a single father is a hard task, but having an outlet such as the Men of CalWORKs at Trade Tech has given me a different outlook of how to navigate fatherhood and being a full-time student.

The support of the Los Angeles Trade Tech CalWORKs Program has helped me succeed by gaining knowledge in my major, expanding my communication skills as a parent, and creating educational stability.

I decided to enroll at LATTC to obtain a marketing and public relations degree. While I was enrolling, I was recommended to speak with a counselor named Michael Hopper. He encouraged me to join the CalWORKs program.

Not only did the CalWORKs Program help with my school needs, it also gave me a sense of encouragement to push myself harder to become the ultimate dad.

For instance, CalWORKs has an open-door policy where I am able to see a counselor when needed or even just to get answers to my general questions from the supporting staff. Expanding my communication skills as a parent has been vital to my survival. Learning how to have patience and how to grow and evolve with my child has been an experience like no other. CalWORKs not only gave me the confidence to use my skills but they also taught me parenting techniques that will help me succeed as a father. In particular, “Men of CalWORKs” holds a Wednesday fathers’ group that allows fathers to come together and discuss their needs and wants as a parent. CalWORKs has helped me reach educational sustainability by giving me a layout of how to navigate the educational system. I believe education can open the doors to success.

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