2021 Statewide Voices Scholarship Winner!

CalWORKs student Davon Crawford is becoming a midwife to address disparities black mothers face in labor and childbirth.

My experiences during childbirth sparked my passion for midwifery, as I experienced a lack of both prenatal and postnatal education and advocacy due to the disparities black birthing people face in this county today. Following my divorce, and with the financial support of the CalWORKs program, I was able to complete a birth and postpartum doula certification with DONA International.

Then I enrolled at Berkeley City College as a single mother and full-time student. The CalWORKs Program at Berkeley City College has not only helped to cover all my books and supplies for school, but the support I receive allows me to focus on school without the worry of having to work and simultaneously care for my children while attending school.

As an assured young woman, I find it essential to remain a shining example for my teenaged son and 3 young daughters, regardless of the social disparities I face as a single mother.

As a student and mother of four school-aged children, amid a world-wide pandemic, CalWORKs allows me to maintain a 3.5 GPA while balancing my energy towards achieving my academic goals.

The next step in my educational path is a nursing program, where I will get the opportunity to unite my excitement for educating families with the love I have for nutrition, health, and wellness. This will allow me to diagnose and treat various pathologies to protect the diverse communities I will serve as a future certified nurse-midwife.

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