Voting Members: All persons who are actively engaged in the day to day operation of the CalWORKs program on a campus, exclusive of county staff or student workers. Voting members may vote and hold office, with the exception of the offices of President, Vice-President and President-elect, which shall be limited to CalWORKs Coordinators and Directors as the individuals who have substantive knowledge of the CalWORKs programs at the campus and district levels.

Institutional Members: Any community college which has an operational CalWORKs program. These members may not vote or hold office.

Student Members: Current or former California Community College students who are interested in attending state-wide meetings pertaining to the CCC CWA or participating on committees pertaining to the CCC CWA. These members may not vote or hold office.

Associated Members: All persons who are not actively engaged in the operation of a campus or district CalWORKs program. These members may attend meetings and conferences but may not vote or hold office.

  1. Membership is open to any individual, student, or personnel professionally interested in the California Community Colleges’ CalWORKs program.
  2. No member shall hold more than one type of membership status, as defined above.
  3. Dues amount are determined by the CCC CWA Board no later than March 1st (for the following year)
  4. Annual membership extends from July 1st to June 30th.
  5. Membership paid July 1st through December 31st shall be applied to the current fiscal year in which the dues were paid.
  6. Membership paid with the Annual CCC CWA training event shall be applied to the next fiscal year’s membership.
  7. Membership record shall include the name, title, email address, phone number, mailing address and membership category of each member.
  8. There is no limit on the number of members admitted to the CCC CWA.
  9. Membership is non-transferrable.

Membership is granted upon registration and payment for the Annual CCC CWA training event.

Membership may also be granted upon receipt of payment of annual dues. Reminder: California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office funding cannot be used to pay for CCC CWA membership dues.

Dues are accepted by the CCC CWA Treasurer

Membership records are kept by the CCC CWA Secretary