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CalWORKs Stories – The Podcast of the CalWORKs Association

One hour, one story of a parenting college student who receives TANF/CalWORKs public assistance. They’re moms, they’re dads, they’re college students, and they are 100% determined to graduate. How did they get here, what are they up against, and what is driving them to get a college degree? That’s their CalWORKs Story.

Each week Aarin Edwards, President of the California Community College CalWORKs Association, interviews one student. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll cheer, and you will be inspired by stories of CalWORKs students changing their own lives through education, two generations at at time.

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Lisa – I Have an Army Behind Me CalWORKs Stories

In this episode, Aarin speaks with Lisa, a CalWORKs Parenting Student.

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